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Changing matchup algorithm?

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Changing matchup algorithm?

PostFri 27 May 2016 14:11

Am I wasting my time trying to improve this game? Dr. Ido, will your tram ever address this, or will I never spend another penny on this game? Faced an all yellow hundred team. Boy, was that great.


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Re: Changing matchup algorithm?

PostSun 26 Jun 2016 00:50


We made many changes to the matchmakting algorithm and I thought that things were better now. one things that you need to be aware of is that the matchmaking takes into account your status as a whole and not just your current team. otherwise you would be able to play a very small team to face small opponent regardless of the league you're in. When you faced the all yellow team, what color was your team and what color were your best players, all team considered ?

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