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Replay season match button suggestion

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Replay season match button suggestion

PostTue 26 Jul 2016 20:56

You know the little round button that after you have played a season match allows you to repeat the game. The one we all use to play our 3 games per match per day. Well wouldn't it be nice if there was an extended version of this button to not only repeat the match but it would also auto select your players and place them in the same formation as the last game played. This would save me so many screen taps. Rather then tapping 5 times to get to the wood elf team and then doing another 6 tag and drags to get the players and ball in to formation, you could just press this special report button and the press play. Brilliant time saver! Anyone else agree?


Re: Replay season match button suggestion

PostTue 9 Aug 2016 15:27

I've been thinking this too, your default layout for each team should be saved so when you select them your team is already set up in your default, you then make any adjustments and start the match


Re: Replay season match button suggestion

PostThu 17 Nov 2016 22:23

It's a great idea...but they don't care and are unbelievably unlikely to make any changes that improve the gane. Ever.

Don't hold your breath, and hold on to your cash.

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