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League games unbalanced

PostPosted: Mon 1 Jan 2018 17:18
by Simmons2099
I’ve been playing for a week or so. I enjoy the game but league matches are a problem. I keep getting set up against teams composed of pink and purple five star players and I’ve only gotten to the pro I league. I’m thinking this is a strategy of played to collect diamonds at the expense of lower level players.

Is there something I’m missing about league matches? Are only players buying hundreds of large chests expected to compete? Surely there must be a more balanced way of matching up opponents. I’ve been fond of Morgan n Thorg since 1994, but I’m sick of him one shorting my whole team five times per day!!

Any advice? Or (more likely) nasty comments...

Re: League games unbalanced

PostPosted: Thu 29 Mar 2018 02:49
by thrivingdead
My Orcs are 90th level red/pink, but the situation seems the same here too

My competition varies wildly between level 1 white (un-upgraded) humans (trivial to win), to 100/100/100 yellow max evolved elves (guaranteed loss). I'm listed as 90/5455 in the league

My orcs stomp any game up to division 2, good for money
My elves win any game up to division 4, for XP
I almost only play matches that win me 4/5 star tokens for orcs and elves

I would recommend playing the highest matches you can regularly win but only on your favourite race e.g. against humans with 4/5 stars. This will win you the tokens to upgrade/evolve your players in your favourite (human) team. Pay for the skills that boost the entire team e.g Morg's "vs All -AR OPP TEAM"