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New chests timers

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Re: New chests timers

PostSat 9 Apr 2016 17:28

If you want to encourage players to spend money you cannot tie that money to a random chance of marginally increasing a team's ability. When someone spends money on a freemium game, they want immediate, well-understood benefits. The quality of the big chests simply isn't worth actual money.

Why not allow players to directly buy 5-star players but, just like blood bowl, enforce limits or allow players to strategically create diverse teams that counter the abilities of other team makeups? Novel concept, I'm sure!

The way this game is made there is absolutely no reason to spend money. Increasing chest timers just increases frustration. Simply put, you need a new product manager for this game who understands the value, draw, and decision making around microtransactions.


Re: New chests timers

PostSat 9 Apr 2016 17:34

Dr Ido, i was waiting for an answer of developpers before uninstalling the game .
I read yours , and sorry but it's what i really didn't expect !
I used to log several times a day, i was angry with the 2 earlier changes but the only thing you gained is that i 'i'll delete the game as soon as i sent this post :evil:
Mperor, if you stop playing, give me your team lol, you've beaten me so many times ;) you were my hero and i used to dream that I won a match vs you. It will never happen
I wish good luck to new players, you'll never be able to beat older ones, that's it ...unless you pay a lot

That WAS a good game, i'll no longer play.
greetings to all players, none for developpers, you managed to aim the inverse goal of what you expected


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Re: New chests timers

PostSat 9 Apr 2016 21:08

Hey Grumch, thank you! :)

It's a real shame this last update went so wrong and now apparently makes many people leave the game. Lots of people have submitted great ideas to improve this game, be it in regard to matchmaking, balancing or economic sense. Most of these ideas seem to have gone unnoticed. You and others abandoning the game is the logical consequence. And a sad one, as a niche game like this lives from a happy community of players sharing their fun experience with friends, class mates, colleagues etc. Slow death is all that remains. A couple of 'old' players like me won't be as heavily affected by the latest update, but we are the ones even less likely to spend any money, and one day even we will get too annoyed to continue.


Re: New chests timers

PostSat 9 Apr 2016 23:46

1 big chest per week what à joke. I just reach the last league and i was waiting every48h for big chest to improve my team. Now its over. Awnd waiting 1week to get 10 tokens of a 1star champ.... No thanks. Go delete. Bye and good end to this game.


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Re: New chests timers

PostSun 10 Apr 2016 09:38

hox wrote:Simply put, you need a new product manager for this game who understands the value, draw, and decision making around microtransactions.

There is truth in that.

The game is good and promissive.
But decisions taken are bad. Now you're facing some "let it die without getting the invested cash back or invest even more".
I'll assume you'll go for the second. As Kerrunch is a promotionnal tool for Bloodbowl 2, I suppose it's not required to be rentable by its own.

So decisions are bad, though that's simple :
- solidify the community
--- withdraw that chest time that make them angry
--- listen to then, give feedback, open an ideas-box
--- rassure them on the problems they face, show that you're still alice
--- announce what you're working on, the future developments you intent (St/AR reworking was a good one)

- Solidify the content
--- get rid of that crappy bugs (Zara advices, connections errors)
--- make some decent matchmaking algorithm
--- rework on paying content (remove diamonds temporarily and make everything work with gold, even real money-things)

- Work for the future !
--- see what we wish (new players - Zug!, leagues, teams, team colors, tactical play, ...)
--- ask diamonds for it - and ONLY for it then
--- reinsert diamonds against cash, but let the gold be as a bonus

- you did it, you saved a game.

This was my last contribution. I either become tired of speaking without beeing heard.

Gozlekipu, qui ne jouera plus au bon samaritain / Don Quichotte bien longtemps...


Re: New chests timers

PostMon 11 Apr 2016 18:51

If the Devs want to generate more income, then my idea would be the introduction of maybe a 3rd chest, this one being far better than the current giant chest, but only available for cash. Once this third chest is available, then return the giant chest to what it was, or at least tweak it back to something the free players would appreciate. In addition you could offer specialist chest for specific races/classes. You might need to introduce a second currency.

I fully understand that the dev team need to make money, but a bit of upfront honesty prior to the changes, or even asking ideas from the community something along the lines of "Look guys our projected income is below par we need ideas to help generate more income but not alienate/frustrate the community".

I will be very honest here, I normally reserve £20-£40 per month for my games, normally from Steam and very rarely do I ever buy stuff for mobile games. The only mobile games I am tempted to spend money at the moment is Fallout Shelter and Kerrunch, but like I said in my previous post, I am not willing to invest in a game which makes such drastic changes without notice.


Re: New chests timers

PostFri 27 May 2016 14:24

So we are approaching Two weeks since this Almighty DOWNGRADE.
Great if you have been playing this for awhile.
But rubbish for anyone newly joined-in.
Before in Two weeks I would get SEVEN Big chests.
Now I get a mere Two.
Don't think the few extra small chests if you log on every
Single waking hour makes up for that...
It does not.
So are you planning to bring back the Big chrst every other day, or not?
Otherwise I for one will be freeing up memory, by deleting this game.
and playing something else.


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Re: New chests timers

PostFri 27 May 2016 16:07

We're not considering making any other change to the chest. We will probably slighly adjust the skills prices in the near futur but that's all.

why again dr.i?

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Re: New chests timers

PostSun 23 Sep 2018 21:26

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