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November update

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November update

PostWed 8 Nov 2017 16:01

Hello everyone,

As some of you noticed, after a long period of slow activity, we recently made several updates to the game. These are the first steps in a series of changes we want to make before the end of the year. Even though the game is almost two years old, we still believe that it's core can be improved.

The first update (already live) concerned the economy of the game, we're currently working on a gameplay update and then we plan to update the stats of the players.

More details below.

We thank you all for your support.

Have fun

Update 1: Economy (live)
- number of free premium chest increased to 6
- waiting time between 2 giant free chest decreased to 48H
- Content of both chest adjusted
- Energy cost per match increased to 9
- Energy refill timer increased to 4 minutes
- Energy pool set at 70 for ALL players, doesn't increase with levels anymore
- Medal won in match are 100% of the time medals of the same race and star value as the match
- The higher the division, the higher the droprate of X2, X5 and X10 tokens
- Number of daily tokens available now increases based on the division (1 in div 10 up to 5 in div 1)
- Daily reward are now gold instead of diamonds
- Tokens and gold required to evolve players have been increased

Update 2: Gameplay (partialy deployed)
- more variation in behavior based on player types:
-> Linemen, Ogre, Treemen, Troll:
Defense: Don't move, wait for the opponent
Offense: Move straight ahead, attack nearest opponent

-> Catchers, Goblins, Runners/Gutter Runner:
Defense: Rush for the Ball Carrier
Offense: Rush for the Endzone

-> All other players:
Defense: Move to and attack nearest enemy
Offense: Move to and attack nearest enemy

- New rules for combat:
-> Players fight until one of them has no more armor
-> A Player is pushed back and fall down only when it has less than half the Strength of the opponent
-> Push down players are stunned for 2 seconds

- New lineups and placements for Season matches opponents

Update 3: Stats (upcoming)
Minor tweak, mostly regarding Mouvement and Agility stats

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