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Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is live

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Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is live

PostTue 8 Dec 2015 11:53

Crunching football, but with fully armored Orcs, Skaven, Dwarfs, Humans and, even, Wood Elves... Do we really need to say more? Blood will flow; bones will be crushed... and, after all that, someone might even score a touchdown!

Inspired by the Warhammer world, Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is an addictive, fast-paced, ultra-violent combination of strategy and sports... It's also, most likely, the best sport ever invented!

Get the game for FREE now!


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- Choose between over 75 unique players, from the quick and agile Wardancers to the massively powerful Black Orcs
- Fight your way through 200 challenging levels to reach the Grand Final!
- Develop your players and upgrade their skills to defeat your powerful opponents
- Challenge other coaches from all over the world in the PvP league
- Perfect your strategy, match after match, until you become the one and only Champion
- Collect legendary players from the world of Blood Bowl!
- Play against renowned Blood Bowl teams such as the Orcland Raiders, Thunder Axes, Noxious Nibblers or Greenskin Gutrippers
- Did we mention that you get to have a fully armored Troll in your team?


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