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Cyanide announces Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

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Cyanide announces Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

PostMon 19 Oct 2015 15:52

After the sweeping success of Blood Bowl 2, Cyanide announces the upcoming release, on mobile and tablet, of Blood Bowl: Kerrunch, the latest adaptation of Blood Bowl - the brutal blend of fantasy, violence, sport and strategy.

Blood Bowl: Kerrunch sets two teams of 5 players against each other on an American football inspired gridiron. This could be a classic sports game except that humans are not the only ones to play. Orcs, Goblins, Dwarfs, Skaven, Trolls, Ogres, Treemen, Rat Ogres or Wood Elves are also part of the fun! With players such as these on the field, action is guaranteed... along with injuries!

Every match begins with a set-up phase, a test of intuition and cunning, in which the coach must study the opposition carefully and place his team wisely. Once the match has started, he must then keep a close eye on the action and choose the right moment to make the ball carrier pass or run. Accuracy and timing are needed to score a "touchdown" and avoid a "fumble".

From bruising encounter to bruising encounter, the coach will unlock new players and improve those already in his team. Each player has specific skills and characteristics, as well as a unique 3D model.

75 unique players to unlock
200 solo levels up to the Grand Finale against the formidable Orcland Raiders
A multiplayer league offering daily challenges
Daily missions and numerous objectives


Re: Cyanide announces Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

PostTue 22 Dec 2015 20:26

Well done! Really like the game so far. Looking forward to your roadmap and how you want to develop the game further.
Keep up the good work!


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Re: Cyanide announces Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

PostWed 3 Oct 2018 17:18

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Re: Cyanide announces Blood Bowl: Kerrunch

PostThu 11 Oct 2018 00:10

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