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PostTue 16 May 2017 14:21

I've seen a lot of complaints about matchmaking but nothing recent, is it more reasonable now?

I'm on the verge of Legend with mostly crappy blue players, so with no chance to demote back I would prefer to hover at the top end of Master winning every alternate game for the gold (and intentionally losing the others) than to promote and never win again.


Re: Matchmaking

PostWed 7 Jun 2017 02:14

So I took the plunge and my first opponents in Legend were crazy easy. Would not expect to win anything like 35 games (best players should be at the top for sure), but it's nice that some are manageable, nice one devs.

As an aside, with 1 medal in league I was 600th of the 4000 or so in the rankings. 85% of legend players haven't been in league for a week? Seems like I joined the game a year (or 2) too late.

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