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Dropping out of legend

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Re: Dropping out of legend

PostSun 26 Jun 2016 00:50

We care about the game's future :)


Re: Dropping out of legend

PostWed 6 Jul 2016 21:21

Have to say I agree has been rubbish matchmaking for months, especially when they massively reduced gems for everything and large chest cool down when half of legend already had yellows up there, then making them get even more defence gems due to not being able to catch without massive real cash outlay. Shows the real corporate greed taking hold.


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Re: Dropping out of legend

PostThu 7 Jul 2016 15:41

What’s the issue? I managed to push my level 68 team to rank 1 in the League games. I did it by skipping the teams I knew I couldn’t win against. That way I made it to top rank, but I lost a lot of gold in the process. You don’t make many diamonds as a defender these days, since there are too few players active. You have to win 245 defense games to get a big chest…

The only reason you would want to win games, is to gain that extra gold. We are talking about 5 x 30.000 gold. That will give a maximum of 150k gold/ day, or 3-5 skill points per day. In the season games you can make 48 x 5.000 gold = 240k + daily missions each day. It’s not like the League games are mandatory, but it’s a way of getting 5 free games (xp, maybe some gold and maybe daily mission) and a total of 10 extra diamonds/day. It’s not a big deal. See the League games as an extra challenge mode and remember; you get the League games for free!



Re: Dropping out of legend

PostFri 30 Sep 2016 01:21

This is ok endgame logic, but considering some get into legend when they are well below 100, their energy isn't that high and they're not in the last grouping. I believe I got into legend when I hit division 5 or so, so I was earning a lot less. The 150k is nothing to sneeze at. Even in endgame, it's a lot.

Plus, losing 3-5 skill points per day sets you well behind other players earning that consistently


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Re: Dropping out of legend

PostTue 17 Jul 2018 12:16

Ya I know it's extremely difficult to drop out from League of legends. :cry:

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