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Giant Chest prizes

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Giant Chest prizes

PostWed 11 May 2016 17:41

So in the morning i will open the third "free" big chest, and i am wondering if this will change this time around.

Let me explain.

The statement is 90% chance of 5-star players.

I currently have 1 human, 3 orcs, 3 dwarf, 3 skaven, 3 elf players that are not yellow, so plenty of chance that a 5 star player is picked.

the first chest I opened had i think 1 5-star player, and i though this strange.
the second chest 1 screen shotted and the following
5 star 2 players
4 star, 1 player
3 star 3 players
2 star 2 players
1 star 2 players

So with the advert of 90% chance of a 5 star player so far i have had a 10% return and a 20% return, this is a long way short of a 90% chance, even with randomness thrown in, which i could understand that i was just unlucky. so i was wondering what number of 5star players are others seeing when they open a chest? As if it is not 90% and really only 20% then again what is the benefit in "buying" a chest especially if you are spending real cash to get diamonds.

Here is to hoping for the 90% chance when i open the chest tomorrow (and i am not even that fussed which race it is, just would like to see if this 90% chance is what is occuring)


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Re: Giant Chest prizes

PostWed 11 May 2016 21:13

My last two giant chests were similar to yours. Today one or two 5 star players x2 tokens, last time no 5 star player.


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Re: Giant Chest prizes

PostWed 11 May 2016 21:22

You have 90% chance of getting at least one token of a 5 stars player.

Yes. That's just the statistic result of 10 tokens in 75 players with 15 having 5 stars.
That obvious fact being mentionned as a promotionnal argument is just... perverse.

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