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Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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PostMon 4 Jul 2016 21:16

Thank you for a great game!

I was thinking on the way home from work. Maybe this game needs a little more end game content?
Winning the season one final was no different than winning any other final. That’s a little disappointing considering the initial letter you get from a “secret fan“ who urges you to beat the game. Once you do it, nothing happens.
Maybe beating the season 1 final could unlock a special setting. From now on, when you win a token from a season 1 game (and season 1 only) you have a 20 (?) % chance to gain a special token with a maximum star value of that games star value. The special tokens could be used to unlock and develop a 6:th race (undead? Chaos?).
The 6:th race have a general skill, like all others. But instead of having two racial secondary skills, it has a special skill instead. It’s developed in the same way, but more expensive. It also lacks racial-specific skills, so you can only develop those two skills.

The secondary skills could be abilities like:
Hypnotic gaze (a nearby enemy is stunned for <skill amount of time>)
Regeneration (recover <skill> armor per second)
Tentacles (prevent enemy movement for nearby enemy player for <skill> amount of time)
Guard (give nearby friendly players <skill> bonus strength)
Dirty player (standing next to a player who falls down gives extra <skill> damage)
Multiple block (attack two targets with (Str+<skill>)/2 strength against each)
Thick Skull (<skill> % chance to stand up after being knocked out, but with only 20% health)
Dodge (<skill/2> % chance to ignore an attack, doing only half damage to enemy player.)

I understand this might need more investment in the game, but it could bring old players back and encourage active players to stay a bit longer.

Thank you

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