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Game irrelevant

Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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Game irrelevant

PostFri 5 Aug 2016 23:21


1 forget to play every day
2 don't care about dailies
3 don't look to improve team
4 forgot to grab free big treasure chest
5 no posts on community board

I'll leave you to figure out why this is.


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Re: Game irrelevant

PostSun 7 Aug 2016 10:23

What this game is missing is real improvement. And I don't mean new "economic adjustment".
The only thing Cyanid has done since I've started playing this game (March 2016). Just generating frustration.
That's really a pity cause the base of the game is good. But there is space for so many improvements.
But After level 100 there is nothing.
I'll keep on playing a couple of months maybe, and then I'll find another game.
The problem is that persons hidden behind "dr Ido" don't care.
But this has already been mentioned in several posts with no reaction.


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Re: Game irrelevant

PostSat 26 Nov 2016 08:31

My last comment is unfortunately still accurate.
No improvement in the gameplay, just change in basic parameters that don't require any development / investment from you.
No investment = no return on investment.
Dr Idiot, you just think short term. You think that people will spent 99.99€ to buy diamonds in such a simple game?
Do you know the price of any much more elaborated game on a PC / console?
Do you realize that buying this diamonds just allows to reach the end of the game quicker?
Why would people do that? There is nothing after level 100!

So just don't change anything, or keep on "improving" the game the way you've done it these last months, and for sure you'll become rich :twisted:

If you're not happy with this comment, don't hesitate to delete my account, I don't care!
Coach PimPamPoum


Re: Game irrelevant

PostThu 15 Dec 2016 16:30


Last parameters update are probably good for new players but don't add any value to the game for oldest ones.
I'm tired with these adjustment that occur too often. I'm bored playing the same match again and again.
My humans, skavens and elves are all yellow, I haven't lost any ligue match for several weeks... what's next? I feel I've reached my goal and as far as I can understand, nothing is planned to try to keep oldest players.
So the game has become too boring for me, I don't enjoy it anymore. Game is over for me.

Dozens of post suggest real improvements, you just don't care. A pity.

PimPamPoum are gone.

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