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Game complete?

Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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Game complete?

PostFri 26 Aug 2016 08:00

So this morning my last dwarf player Grim Ironjaw reached yellow status.

My Human, Orc and Wood Elf 4, 5 and selected 3 star players are all now level 100 yellow.
My dwarf and skaven teams are all yellow with selected 4 and 5 star players at 100.

I do need to skill up some players stats now to 100, but other than that the game is now pretty much completed.

I have enjoyed getting to this point, but where is there to go from here?

Coach Chris

Playing since day 1 ish


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Re: Game complete?

PostSat 27 Aug 2016 12:09

Same for me in about one week.

Cheers, mperor


Re: Game complete?

PostThu 1 Sep 2016 07:37

Haven't gotten that far yet getting my players up to yellow. I really empathize with your current situation and am worried to be in that predicament soon. I've advanced my 5, 4, and a few 3 star players skills against their specific "enemy" (example humans easily destroy orcs) and not even worry about "placement" on the field to win. Just bash and Ko them. Orcs are all dead before my runner gets int the end zone some times in division 1 5 star season. Still have to work at legend level. But can win 3 or 4 out of 5 matches pretty consistently. (Probably because newer players get thrown into legend too early)

My suggestions even if I have to pay a few bucks to add more depth are:
Add chaos team, lizard men, etc;
Add a mission to get a throwing touchdown (seems to be a running game);
Keep adding leagues for new and advanced teams;
Add more seasons types; opposing team has two big guys; limitations to use lower star players; limitations to use player types I.e. Must use a Thrower, runner, blitzer, two linemen; limitations to use a mixed race team;
maybe skills to make a blitzer move around opponents and get the ball carrier;
play to unlock different fields like dungeon bowl, spike cup, etc (same green field is getting boring),
Implement some things from the pc and console games like a team wizard

I've played other games that levels seem infinite.

These are just my opinions and ideas to improve this great game that I enjoy. I hope this gets read.

Best regards
Coach Outlaw


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Re: Game complete?

PostFri 2 Sep 2016 08:30

Hi Outlaw

These are good ideas. Unfortunately there are dozens of posts on the forum making nice proposals, but staff dosen't care at all.
So you just waste your time

Gyom (coach of the PimPamPoum team)


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Re: Game complete?

PostSat 10 Dec 2016 19:37

So today in a fanfare of silence the last of my players reached level 100.

Since August I have not bought gold or potions and have 11m gold 3k diamonds.

The game is now really complete.

No new achievements
No new tasks
No new content in general

I have enjoyed pm along but what is left? I would like to keep playing but there are really no goals now. . Is the game over now?

why again dr.i?

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Re: Game complete?

PostThu 11 Oct 2018 00:17

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