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New Update

Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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Re: New Update

PostFri 11 Nov 2016 10:19

This update is a shame, please revert it or put only 3 energy per match, totally cut the play time in the game.
After several months of play I'm thinking to remove the "game".


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Re: New Update

PostFri 11 Nov 2016 11:20

And then they killed the game, why should I ever use money on this crappy game?


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Re: New Update

PostFri 11 Nov 2016 11:28

This is getting more and more ridiculous. As one of the first hour players of this game and faithful since then, it now finally looks like time to quit. Since the game was launched all we have seen where minor tweaks to get more money out of its players, usually making the game worse. There has not one single piece of new or additional content been added since then. Goodbye. mperor.
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Re: New Update

PostFri 11 Nov 2016 11:45

Unfortunately I have to agree with everyone else here. I was a new player, had been playing for about a month. I felt the game was quite a grind as it was, and frankly not much fun, very little choices to make, pretty much just came down to numbers, and when you hit a wall you just had to grind for stars to upgrade before you could progress, which was kind of borring. That being said I've been a long time blood bowl fan, and it was my nostalgia for that that mostly kept me playing. These new changes make the game a complete waste of time. It seems pretty clear looking through the forums (look at how rarely people post here, how little advice or positive threads there are), the game has been dying for some time and not receiving any updates. Anything that would keep players interested or attract new players. To me, as to many others this is the final nail in the coffin. On the plus side for Cyanide you did manage to squeeze money out of me with this, but in this case it was me buying your PC bloodbowl game after this Kerrunch left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully you'll listen to feedback on that game so it won't die like this one, but looking through the forums here, my hopes are not high...


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Re: New Update

PostFri 11 Nov 2016 13:26

mperor I feel i have to agree with you, i have been sticking around to see how things develop, and currently playing my level one players in games to raise the to 100 after getting eveeryone to 90+ a few months back.

So as an end game player for some time the chests do not bother me (in fact nothing that gives tokens does now) since all my players across every team are yellow and so token just don't drop anymore as they are not required.

I would like it if the game could at least have added some more achievements since these were all completed a long time back. Even if it were silly ones such as play 10,000 games, play 100,000 games, play 1,000,000 games etc.

(i hate to think how many i have played in the last year, but looking at 129 over 10 hours and mostly playing that twice a day you get the following)

43 games per day + 5 in league plus a few more is a reliable 50 games a day.

365 days in the year

Mid October 2015 to now = 388 days = 19,400 or so games, lets say 19000 to account for levelling at the start.

I have played this for too long and possibly there is no future once all my players are at lvl 100 when my inner pedant will be at rest to see everyone relaxing at top level.

Here's to hoping for a change at some point

Coach Chris


Re: New Update

PostSat 12 Nov 2016 04:33

What a shame. Went from bad to worse. I'm at level 100 with all objectives completed. All I can do is max all players to yellow. Which is boring. Only excitement is facing yellow humans and trying to get my elves upgraded to beat them. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this game when there were objectives. Unlocking new players. Moving up thru season mode. Or advancing in league, even when in legend (Which is still unbalanced for new players getting there so quickly) This Was all fine because I like Blood Bowl. But like was posted before I play after work and have a family life. This game is super simple and lets my brain shut down. Now I can't get all objectives because it takes at least 90 energy to do so. I've played for close to a year. I admit I paid for diamonds on special releases thinking pay and improvements will come. Any message or announcement made seems to be ways to change timers or bonuses for logging in or token drops or diamonds or taking away potions. Come on! If you want to make money get advertising like everyone else. Or even god forbid add some content like more seasons, legend, races, players, different modes, fields, actual player control. I was excited thinking, hey GW is bringing out the new board game. Maybe they'll do something to tie in with it. Shoot it's on your facebook page. Nope let's screw with what fan base we have. I'm still going to play because I'm passionate about blood bowl and I want to max out even the 1 star players. Damn OCD. I doubt the game will last that long if "improvements" like this are made. However, I will not be spending any real money. Beating a dead horse but please listen to your players. Best regards.


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Re: New Update

PostMon 14 Nov 2016 11:05


We made several adjustement following your feedback:
- The energy pool starting size is now 40 instead of 30
- the energy pool size increases by 1 every five level instead of 1
- the energy cost of a season match is now 5 instead of 6

Our goals with this change are to diminish the difference in energy available between high level players and newcomers and to encourage players to play more frequent shorter sessions instead of just one very long one.

We hope you'll all be able to enjoy the game with these new settings.


Re: New Update

PostSun 11 Dec 2016 17:28

Dr ido, that is not right to put in our mouths - the community mouth - the decisions you took. It is not our feedback to nerf 1/3 of our daily matches.
Besides, with the removal of 4* and 5* in the starting seasons - did you realised players who were in the middle of the game now have lost their ability to grind 5* tokens in the earliers matches? How can newcomers be competitive against vets, given how long it now takes to get crates and 5* tokens.

why again dr.i?

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Re: New Update

PostMon 29 Oct 2018 17:10

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