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New North American Player

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New North American Player

PostMon 21 Nov 2016 17:39

Hey All.
I'm a long time GW fan and that certainly includes Blood Bowl! I've been reading the forums and it seems I'm late to the party with this app. As a new player, do you have any advice for me? My coach level is 15. I'm currently stuck on division 8 progression so I'm backing up an replaying earlier division games for tokens. My human team is the only one with 5 players so I assume that's why I can't field my 4 player race teams? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Re: New North American Player

PostSun 11 Dec 2016 17:30

Don't spend diamonds on chests for tokens. or SPs. Spend them on gold - 490 (when you get there!) buys you 300K.
Always buy the highest xp potion - 135K for 10 if your levelling
When you evolve a player to the highest level (Yellow) you will no longer win tokens for that player.
There's a quasi rock/paper/scissor mechanic: human>orc>dwarf>skaven>elf>human. Just look at the skills on each player, but the balance is terrible and humans mostly piss everything (except league)
Some skills probably have a bigger impact than evolve (-opp str for example)
Be prepared to be playing this game for a very long time if you intend to complete all the teams (full evolve, lvl 100, max skills) - i've been playing for a year and have not maxed out.

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