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Do you even play this game dr.i?

PostPosted: Thu 16 Nov 2017 17:07
by why again dr.i?
Dear Dr. Ido, thanks for the recent changes.
My frustration is maxed now. Imho
-daily missions became obsolet :o
-potions are useless :cry:
- 1! diamond for a succesful defence is a drop in the ocean :roll:
and even more bugs exist now :x .
If potion crippling than at least save our previous efforts
and go with a onetime multiplier of five for our stocks.
I'm very dissapointed about loosing 80% of my effort
and may drop out because of that.
I'm convinced you don't care but still...

Re: Do you even play this game dr.i?

PostPosted: Fri 1 Dec 2017 11:07
by What he said

Re: Do you even play this game dr.i?

PostPosted: Tue 12 Dec 2017 01:27
by why again dr.i?
Nothing but frustration. Same procedure as every year? Same procedure as every year!
Moocow wrote:Signs?

1 forget to play every day
2 don't care about dailies
3 don't look to improve team
4 forgot to grab free big treasure chest
5 no posts on community board

I'll leave you to figure out why this is.

PimPamPoum wrote:Hi,

Last parameters update are probably good for new players but don't add any value to the game for oldest ones.
I'm tired with these adjustment that occur too often. I'm bored playing the same match again and again.
My humans, skavens and elves are all yellow, I haven't lost any ligue match for several weeks... what's next? I feel I've reached my goal and as far as I can understand, nothing is planned to try to keep oldest players.
So the game has become too boring for me, I don't enjoy it anymore. Game is over for me.

Dozens of post suggest real improvements, you just don't care. A pity.

PimPamPoum are gone.

You got me too, I'm gone!