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Re: Dwarves

PostMon 1 Feb 2016 17:07

Interesting. I've got a level 97 human team (orange and pink). Still I don't feel confident enough to face any of the human teams out there in PvP. Even if they are a few levels below me, it's hard to imagine my team could beat them 4 vs. 5. Maybe I should give it a try...


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Re: Dwarves

PostMon 1 Feb 2016 18:10

As you have orange and red players only yet, I would avoir humans team with yellow players (more than 90) if you want to give it a try :)


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Re: Dwarves

PostThu 17 Nov 2016 23:09

Gozlekipu wrote:But well, I follow your advice. Let's hop they will not be skipped as I personnaly would... At my great shame ^^

Just sayin', not a single defence has been won since then. Da Greenz, go back to loose some teeth.


Re: Dwarves

PostFri 16 Dec 2016 00:03

I think folks are missing the fact that there are two levels of the rock paper scissors.
without secondary skills, orcs bash thru humans, but vs dwarfs, orcs drive the dwarfs to the back of the field with there strength and then drop as their hit points fail.
it is only with the secondary skills that the situation reverses: humans gain enough strength to overwhelm orcs, orcs gain enough hit points to last against dwarfs.

the metaphor is more difficult to see for the next levels, but there is a nice order to the flip


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Re: Dwarves

PostWed 17 May 2017 10:05

Frustrated BB player wrote:How come that Dwarves that are recital enemies of Orks doesn't have any skill that affects them.
And generally only have crap skills. Seriously, a Slayer with a plus to agility upon ko. Reduces str on opponents when he catches a pass. A pass?!? Seriously? How many dwarf posters manage to send Rachat de crédit a pass before they are dead?
The only dwarves that have anything close to a OK skill have so crappy everything else that it doesn't matter because none world take those players anyways.

Please please please, PLEASE!! Make the dwarf skill decent, or at least maybe half as good as the orks.

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