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How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

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How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostFri 8 Jan 2016 09:51

I am equally frustrated that the game is fundamentally a bashing game. So one way it could be changed to develop a throwing game is by increasing the size of the board to 7 squares wide compared to 5 squares. This would create channels for catchers to run through, reduce the power of the slow bashing teams and improve the strategy element of the game.

Any thoughts?



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Re: How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostFri 8 Jan 2016 17:37

I think to make them relevant you need a bit more control, like the ability to start/stop any player not just the thrower. I have leveled up my wood elves to all level 80 orange/purple and against humans most of the team has well over 100 agility so they can throw about every second. Problem is they all run around too much getting themselves killed, need to be able to stop them.


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Re: How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostSat 9 Jan 2016 11:21

There is two problems imho.

1) Their skills are useless. They may be proc only when the match is over (who do throw the ball without the opponent team almost beaten?)
2) They are weak, giving them the ball is like relying on luck. Better let a strong guy hold it.

Si yeah, a single Blitzer able to go through an aweakened enemy line, and who got great Str and some usefull "on game start" (like Griff) is better than two weak guys who can't break some teeth, would lose the ball at the first occasion and who have no skills.

What to do ?
- Give throwers some decent fighting stats (almost as much as linemen), and give them some Str bonus (25 or 50%) while still having the ball. So they could stand first line without to many risks, and go in defense team with better stats (as they do focus on ball catchers)
- Divide by two the damage taken by catchers (they dodge) so they won't die first, without changing the way they could lose the ball. So even in defense teams they could be usefull as long-to-defeat players (who said "wrestling" from BBowl - don't know if that's the correct word)
- Let their skills be. The passive would compensate.

Trying to help :)


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Re: How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostThu 17 Nov 2016 23:10

The thrower could also star in the touchdown zone if he's deployed their until the ball come in his team field, making him a defensive player, stronger than catchers, and so obligating the offensive team to adapt his strategy.
And why not same for the catcher. They would have a dedicated defensive role.

The fact they're never seen in def team should also be changed.


Re: How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostWed 22 Feb 2017 07:36

posted this in another thread:
but passing is a viable options at higher levels especially skaven and elven players.
elf is fastest catcher in game, fairly strong, elven thrower is fastest thrower in the game giving two pronged threat.
skaven with decrease strength all around can break out of sticky situations.

why again dr.i?

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Re: How to make throwers:catchers more relevant

PostMon 29 Oct 2018 16:58

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