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IA / different kind of players

Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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IA / different kind of players

PostWed 6 Apr 2016 22:27

Me again !

As a long time BBowl player, I sometimes see disappointing things in Kerrunch.
Well, that's some part of the game now, well integrated in the mechanisms, but maybe something could be done.

Those disappointments are :
- Blitzers are stupid. In Bloodbowl, what do they do ? They blitz, indeed. And what do they blitz ? Not that lame linemen. But so do they...
- Big guys are big, dumb, and are never going knocked out. But they're actually the first ones to bite the dust.

What I suggest ? Give some passive boost :
- Give the blitzers the same AI as the throwers : GO FOR THE BALL CARRIER ! I know that could have side effects on the ball game (which is already hard) but f*ck that, that's their job :)
- Give blockers and lineman something acting as Guard in Bloodbowl. Let them give a 30% damage assistance to everyone, even if surrounded by opponents. Or 50% damage assistance but not if surrounded.
- Change the AI of the wardancer to those of the catcher. They're the greatest plagues in Bloodbowl, don't they ?
- Do something for big guys. Let them do something stupid and unpredictable 17% of the time (1 chance on 6), like going backward, or falling by themselves (Stupididy, Savage beast). And boost their bloody armor ^^

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