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My game experience

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My game experience

PostSun 11 Dec 2016 17:31


i just wanted to give some thoughts about the game from a new players point of view.

first the game looks very nice, animations and detail ist all great.

but that is pretty much it... the gameplay is really bad. i played for 2 weks now and the games come all down to: i run over the enemy with my high attack minions. or all of my team dies. there is almost no interaction on the field. the passing is only an option when you are so far ahead you will win anyways. why not give the option to change the ballcarriers route? a little bigger field and the option to control the runner would give so much more to do while playing other then positioning your troops. (which seems rather irrelevant)

i have noticed you are trying to fix the balancing in season mode with thee stars and energy needed. the energy feels all right, but getting 5 star players is a pain. i am stuck in season 7 for now, because it seems i get only 1 star tokens all the time. what do i do with the one star tokens? i dont want plan to rain them that i high. as soon as i get will get higher star player they just rot. maybe you could install a trade like 10 tokens from tier 1 for 1 from tier 2.

well yeah that were the main points. there are more like that throwers are unuseable and the bugs (the league preview shows not the team i will face when i press start) and others.

Thanks for your time


Re: My game experience

PostFri 31 Mar 2017 02:03

fwiw, passing is a viable option, but requires the right players and a fair amount of patience. There are many situations where a passing team can win easily against a very strong team in 5 seconds. The skaven and elven teams are most effective, which you don't see until higher levels.

I got thru most of season 1 against level 95+ yellows with level 30 skaven passers fronted by a 2 star blitzer and 2 RO's.
hint, runners make good passers too.
bigger hint different player types behave differently on defense.
even bigger hint, big slow orcs turn very slowly
runners/throwers go to the ball on defense allowing you to set up misdirection.

you are a coach diagramming a play, not a player making the cuts.

understanding passing will help greatly in high level league play where everything you see will be maxed out yellows which will take you ages to get without beating them for credits when you are lower level

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