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What's Your Max?

Talk about Blood Bowl: Kerrunch
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Clowning Glories

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What's Your Max?

PostThu 12 Jul 2018 02:32

So I've been at this game since Feb. So far managed to max out 5 human players, 6 elf players, got 5 orc players to lvl 100 and grinding up the skill points. Should have them maxed in the next couple of weeks. Early days for my Skaven with 5 players at lvl 23. Hate Dwarves passionately and will never touch them.

Observations so far - humans are solid, orcs don't have the right skill pt buffs to make them competitive at the top tier and elves trump everyone. Eldril Sidewinder in particular is OP with his -Armour buff. He seems week but run hit in ahead of the rest of your team and he can easily tear 1500+ pts of armour off the enemy team before the treemen turn up to play.

Advice to newbies - get the 4 & 5 star players asap and waste as few resources as possible on lower tier characters. Then it's grind grind grind. League games seem pointless in the lower leagues but keep at it. As you (eventually) climb the ladder the coins earned start adding up and will become a key to grinding up the tiers & skills pts.

Wish list - more teams! Would be nice to have dark elves, undead, lizard men, etc.


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Re: What's Your Max?

PostFri 13 Jul 2018 20:53

Solid advice regarding not wasting resources on lower tier characters. This is a mistake that probably set me back like a month when I started playing. lol

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